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Determine Your Needs & Objectives


Positioning & Expanding Market Share

Are you expanding in the North America market or is this  new? Let us provide a comprehensive overview of the market to assist you in focusing your objectives. We can develop strategy for establishing your brand & product vision to create sales opportunities with retailers. From seasoned manufacturers to startups we can offer relevant experience to move your product in the right direction.

Analytics & Financial Models

What are the real ramifications of making a big move? Understanding the potential outcomes from a financial & market perspective can provide key decision making information. Does the ROI justify the time, energy and capital for the new venture? Our experience could provide the insights needed for making the right call.

Market Research & Analysis

What do consumers know about your brand? What is your brand communicating to customers? Brand image can shift and change quickly. New competitiors and new products can displace your position with consumers. We can provide targeted research to meet your specific needs. Staying aware of market trends, identify a product gap or how consumers perceive your brand can provide actionable insights.

Outside the Box

We have worked with a wide variety of companies over the years, this means we have seen and experienced a lot of situations. We don't have to re-invent the wheel to solve most situations. This translates into being efficient and cost effective for our clients. Some of the areas we have extensive knowledge of include:

positioning & targeting
   being in the right space

innovation & new product development  

   something to spark your brand
category management
   maximize the retail set

product assortment & rationalization

   time to thin the line

line reviews


analytic & financial modeling  

   know your market

   know your customer

considering the EU or SA markets

Brand Refresh

Is your brand in the market but out of step with the market? A brand today has multiple stakeholders and a complex set of touch points. Competition, customers, changing trends and retailers all impact how your brand is perceived. We can provide a complete review of your brand’s performance in the market to provide a clear set of objectives for a brand refresh.

Retail & Distribution

Do you have an established network of retailers, looking to expand or just starting? Developing the right channel strategy is a challenging task. Home Centers are not the right decision for all companies. One size does not fit all. We can walk you through the options and multiple ways  to go-to-market.

Web & Social Media

Is your web site aligned with your strategic brand positioning? Do your social media channels deliver a consistent conversation to your customer? Products need to project a clear and precise Reason to Believe today. Understanding what drives your  customers is what drives online sales conversions.

Positioning and strategy can tie these channels together for greater effectiveness.

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