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When Walmart asked Armstrong for a line of floor care products everything needed to happen fast. The program was on shelf in ten weeks.


for Increased


The Shop Towels brand lost focus when new products were added. Repositioning the line brought clarity back for the consumer. Autozone called it "Spot On" and sales jumped.

Entering an



Innovation creates the first 100% Recycled absorbent product in the category. Positioning for superior performance gives it a competitive edge in the Canadian market


Across All

North America

Finding the right fit for going
to market is an important decision. Home Centers may not be the right choice. CoOps and major dstributors might offer better opportunities.

Winning the Review

QEP was up for a line review at The Home Depot and needed to show they were the clear leaders in the field. Refreshed branding, merchandising & new products with styling sealed the deal.




The  Consumer Edge

Kimberly Clark was up against  established companies at The Home Depot and needed an edge. Connecting with consumers purchase process was the answer.

Setting The


AutoZone was looking to

set the future vision for their retail locations. To build the customer experience key elements were addressed, improving store traffic flow, check out and the creation and testing of improved
merchandising strategies.

Setting the Standards

We set the industry standards for product identification. Creating the Project Specific strategy changed the way adhesives were sold and doubled Liquid Nails sales.

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