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We Deliver a Comprehensive

Understanding of the Market

Our Process Delivers
Actionable Plan

We help you understand how your product fits both consumer and retailer expectations. You gain perspective on the competition, discover potential weaknesses and realize opportunities to capitalize on your strengths.


Our analysis of your product’s fit in the North America market is the starting point. With our 360 strategic review and analysis process next steps can be defined.

• Market Analysis & Research
• Product & Brand Assessment
• Positioning & Sales Strategy
• Pricing & Retail Programs
• Distribution & Retailer Connections


Our process is anchored by experience and analytics. We interpret & analyze information to gain a comprehensive understanding of how your products fit in the market. We identify points of differentiation that can be leveraged. With these insights we can determine the right strategy for gaining market entry or building share.

Discovery starts the process with setting your objectives & goals.


Solution Design develops the vision & strategy

for achieving the objectives & goals.


The Program Elements are the individual components needed to build out the strategy. They build the foundation for sales and create

the consumer experience.

Sales & Distribution reaches out to buyers and sales networks determined to best serve the program introduction. This could be developing new contacts or strengthening the relationship with your existing sales partners. 

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